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This is where it all starts.
Contact Us and Let us  do the Rest..

  • Perfect fit senior placement agency finds the perfect location that fits the individual specific needs.


  • We negotiate and get seniors the best rates.


  • We advocate on your behalf for your best interests. We’re not just referral agents.


  • We follow up every three months making sure their needs are still being met.


  • We’re private and won’t share your information


Senior Mental health consultation 

We place a high importance on seniors having the mental, emotional, and physical support they need to live fulfilling lives. We help senior bring order to their body, mind, and soul. It’s imperative that Seniors know that they are valuable and we make it our mission to help them see it and know it. We provide therapeutic services that help Seniors enhance their quality of life. We help with depression, anxiety, stress, physical mobility and more. We're here to help you experience the meaning of what its like to live out your golden years as you imagined. It's not too late!

*Perfect Fit Senior Placement will provide you with Free mental health services.

Info Private

Most senior referral agencies will disseminate your information to about twenty different communities. Once this happens, you will be inundated with non-stop, repeated phone calls. It’s important that you trust your private information with a company who will respect it.


*Perfect Fit Senior Placement will never share your info without your permission.  


Senior Living continues to get more expensive every year. We fully understand the difficulty families face, especially when finances are limited. We work to save seniors thousands of dollars by utilizing our negotiation strategies. We put our skills to work for you.

*Perfect Fit Senior Placement will do more than just provide you a list.

Follow Up

We follow up every month for the first three months absolutely free of charge to make sure your care is adequate and still meets yours needs. We are long term advocates for you, in addition to being senior placement agents.

*Perfect Fit Senior Solutions will continue to make sure you've found what fits your needs.

If Your Loved One...

has fallen

needs skilled nursing

can't live alone anymore

needs 24 hour care

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