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Why Choose Perfect Fit?

Assisted Living

Perfect Fit provides you with the peace of mind you need to make a sound decision. Also, we save families money by helping them to understand how to negotiate with the assisted living residences and making sure they sign-up for the correct level of care. In addition to placement services, we provide advocacy, we represent seniors with VIP status because we truly believe you are (Very Important People). We also offer follow up therapeutic services that help assist senior live up to their full potential. We walk the journey with them with love and support.

We help Seniors decide on the best assisted living arrangement possible. Deciding on a residence can be a worrying process, especially for individuals who know little or nothing about assisted living and who are currently caring for an elderly person.


We help Seniors find the most adequate attention and care needed. We assist with narrowing down the choices and singling out spaces that work for you and your family. While it would indeed take an individual days of phone calls and meetings to access all the information you need from every assisted living facility being considered, it's our primary work and goal to provide all of it for you. Yes, you read that right! We do the leg work while you continue caring for your loved one and living your life without interruption.


Assisted Living
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